Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 wonderful moments 2008

If there are toughest moments, there are wonderful moments also XD

#10- Gained more friends during my last days in college

Seriously, I don't have permanent barkada in college and even in high school. Because Im a very friendly person and I'm not choosy when it comes on choosing friends(except to the bad influences of course)

#9- PSP

- February 2008, I bought a deep red psp! Tuwang tuwa ako kasi donwload lang ako ng download ng mga games online X

#8- 254(score) in sonic blastman arcade

- Yeah I'm a video game/arcade addict! I scored a 254 in 1 punch because I'm so pissed during that time

#7- Wall climbing over 40 ft. SWEET!!!

- I climbed a wall few days before graduation. At first, I feel kinda scared when I went down to to the ground but it was fun. So I climbed two times in less than 5 minutes! After that my forearm hurts but I'm still happy!

#6- Became addicted to MMA

- Training martial arts for me is fun because I can defend myself against bad people and its a great exercise. After graduated in college, I've been addicted to MMA. I hope this year is a good year for me to pursue a MMA career

#5- My US driver's license

- My US driver's license in Ohio is expired. When I asked someone here in Richmond about my license, she told me that I should take a test&driving test again! How come it became wonderful moment? After I passed the test, I took driving test immediately. Usually it will take 30 days before you take the driving test. Since I have my expire Ohio driver's license and my license in Philippines, they allowed me to took the test and I passed!

#4- My car

- Since I'm working in a car company, the company gave me a discount! So I chose Toyota Camry 2009 5-speed manual transmission and I'm planning to replace the rims into a 18 inch color gun-metal rims

#3- Gimmicks during summer

- Since I graduated from college, its time to PARTY! from Embassy, Jaipur, Ascend to Temple and even REDBOX! hahaha. When I return in the Philippines, you can see me in the following bars! hahaha

#2- Graduation

- This is one of the best moments of my life, after 6 years(delayed because I stopped). When I bowed in the stage, my cap almost fall down haha! and after the graduation, me and my friends went to Don henrico's in MOA and ordered a lot of foods! haha after that I went to my tita's apartment in QC and went back to MOA(again) for dinner. Then we went to Boni high street. My parents were surprised because they didn't know that I go there haha. Then I said to myself "graduate nako kaya pwede ko na ibunyag ang mga libangan ko" hahaha! So me and my cousins went to ascend. Drink,chill and dance! =D

#1- I met my dream girl unexpectedly

- So me and richard went to cuisine because our friend Precious Adona invited me to go there. So I asked richard if he's available, without hesitation he said "I'M ON" hahaha. So when we are in the cuisine, we saw Precious and she greeted us. So we went inside, ordered beers. There's a lot of celebrities inside cuisine then BOOM! Richard told me that G___ was there in the event also but when I looked at her I said "no dude she's not G____". Richard called G____ then its her! So I became I Rock due to her beauty! hahaha! So I took a pic of her with richard then after that its my time. Honestly, I'm kinda shocked so I look messed up in the pic! So after that I talked to her for few minutes(konti lang nasabi ko kasi natameme ako haha). Since that day, we talked sometimes online even if I'm here now in US! I'm just hoping that someday we will meet again, but when that time comes I hope we will go somewhere(maybe shopping or tamang tambay lang)

- SO there you go! HAPPY NEW YEAR XD

Toughest moments 2008

Its 2009 already but I want to post my top 10 toughest moments of my life this 2008

#10- Bad MMA shorts

15 kicks in 10 seconds? That's what I do everyday after warm-up. While I'm doing it, my shorts messed up! OO napunit! Nung napunit yung shorts ko siyempre di ako makalakad ng maayos hahaha! so umarte na lang ako ng pagod na pagod habang papunta sa locker room.

#9- Thesis

Im the leader of the team and my group mates are lazy as shit! Kaya tinakot ko sila na hindi ko ilalagay yung mga names ng mga group mates ko pag di sila sumunod sakin. So nagsipag na. Nung 2nd sem di nagenroll yung isang group mate ko so 2 na lang kami. So we gave our 110% on thesis and the final defence. Good thing the judges gave us a "Minor Revision". May dapat lang daw tanggalin! AYUS

#8- the left knee injury

Its painful as hell because I kicked a muay thai bag in a wrong way. When the time I kicked the Muay thai bag, I feel the pain so I took a break. Good thing I can walk during that time. DAMN

#7 Fight with a Snatcher

Im on my wat to go home already and its 9:30 pm already when this guy in my front tried to steal something on my pocket. Buti na lang nagttraining nako ng Muay thai nun at medyo naalala ko pa yung mga skills sa grappling na natutunan ko. Kaya hinawakan ko yung kamay ng mandurukot at siniko ko sa ulo! Buti wala akong dala na bag nun so I can fight him without hesitation. Eh umalis ang ungas! BWISET

#6- Fight with a snatcher 2

I rode a bus going to NAIA.While I'm in the walk way of the bus because there are no available seats,there are two guys went in front of me.Then I noticed that they're doing suspicious! They Tried to get something on my pocket.The two acted that they'll loose balance on the bus even the bus isn't running fast.At first its fine with me,but they keep doing it up to 8 times.Then I realized that they're trying to get something on my pocket.Then I'm pissed,the gay looking snatcher did it for the tenth time! So that time I became SO ANGRY!!! I elbowed his back and his head SO HARD(I gave him a 2 hit combo) while trying to get something on my pocket.Then he looked at me,then I looked at him also and I whispered(T*ng Ina sige KOL!).Then i started to pop my hands,neck and stretched my arms(ready to use what I learned in kickboxing and muay thai in case they want a fight).Then the two policewomen passengers noticed the three of us so the two dumb-ass snatchers went in the door of the bus and then they went out.


I celebrated 2k8 New year last year here in US. My mom is in work so I'm the only one here in the house. So I'm just watching TV for the fireworks&countdown. BORING!!!

#4- Drunk bastard after workout

- So nagkayayaan. Napainom sa kanto ng 2 jumbo bottle ng red horse! Pagkatapos nun, umiikot na mundo ko hanggang makarating ako sa bahay, tapos sabi ko sa erpat ko pagod lang ako. Tapos sabi bat parang lasing daw ako!? hahaha! The way I move,Its obvious that Im drunk! I told my dad that Im so tired but I feel that im going to throw so I go to the toilet then BOOM! Ayun! hahaha! di naman ako pinagalitan! Sa totoo nga natatawa pa erpat ko nung nakita ako kasi para daw akong sinampal ng babae sa mukha nang 10 times! hahaha

3. The Wisdom tooth PAIN

- It happened just past November. During that time, I can't sleep because of the pain. Then my mom asked a dentist for a check-up. So during the check-up, the dentist said that ALL 4 WISDOM TEETH must be remove! OMG! The dentist told me that if he's going to remove my 2 impacted lower third molar teeth, the 2 higher third molar will hit the gum area which where the 2 impacted molars are and it will cause infections. So I will go back to the dentist to remove all 4 third molars! So I will say to my dentist to extract it while im sleeping and after the extraction, I will gonna take a pictures of the molars and bring it home hahaha

#2- The Brazilian Jiu jitsu training

- So I can say that its my 1st official MMA training, I arrived 2 minutes late and they are warming up already. So I changed clothes immediately and went to the grappling floor for warm-up. After that, all of the fighters are either heavier than me or lighter than me. So the black belter trainer is my sparring mate! WOW! First time of my training then my sparring mate is a black belter!? So he saw me struggling in the training. I had a hard time to do the chokes. The only chokes I did well are the D'arce choke and the guillotine choke. Anaconda choke is easy also but I can't choke my sparring mate so hard but when my sparring mate is going to choke me, he said "damn you you're so slippery" . I moved too much during the training so my sparring mate had a little bit hard time to submit me and i took 10 seconds before I tap and I almost laughed on his comment to me! haha. But when He d'arce choked me, my body went upside down! my body looks like I'm doing a letter C position and its very painful! During that time I don't have choice but to tap for 3 seconds because I can't escape from the choke. When my sparring mate went down to the floor ,I can't bow down because when I bow down, the choke will be tighter plus he locked my legs so I can't go sideways to escape. So I tap and my face is looks like color violet! hahaha

#1 "The professor's enemy"

Before I graduated in college, I had a professor in Tax102 who is VERY STUPID! Why? here's the reason number 1. My professor in Law102 dismissed our class late for 2 minutes. Then when I arrived in the room for my Tax102 class, I gave my assignment to my prof but the jerk said "di ko na tatanggapin yang assignment mo. Sa Law ka na lang magaral" WTF? My prof's age is in the 50's and he talked in a immature way?! The next few days nagtampo nanaman ng dahil sa thesis kasi kaming lahat nagttake ng thesis. Sabi ba naman " sige thesis na lang asikasuhin niyo, ibabagsak ko na lang kayo" Sarap murahin pangasar! haha Sabi ko sa sarili ko nun. Pass at all cost! so nung final exams, ambait ng nagbabantay samin. So ano nangyari? Join force kami lahat. Kopyahan,share ng scratch papers! hahaah! We OWNED our prof! haha

So there you go! Happy new year! =D

Friday, December 26, 2008

UFC 92: The ultimate 2008

Finally, a last UFC ppv for 2008! Im sure the fighters didn't eat their favorite foods during the Noche Buena so I can't blame some guy for being hot tempered hehe! In the main event. Its the Light heavyweight champ& ultimate fighter 1 winner Forrest Griffin vs. Ultimate fighter 2 winner Rashad Evans. Forrest is a very hardworking person while Rashad is a very explosive fighter after he Knocked out Chuck Lidell on UFC 88. Another title match is for the Interim Heavyweight Championship between Minotauro Nogueira(champ) vs. Frank Mir. Everybody knows that Minotauro is a great submission fighter and the guy who can stand after few knock downs and he will submit his opponents. Frank Mir is a former UFC champ for a while, then the title was stripped because of the motorcycle accident and the trilogy war between Wanderlei Silva against Quinton Jackson! This two doesn't like each other. They REALLY hate each other. This two met already in Pride FC and Wanderlei won the first 2 fights against rampage

UFC 92 weigh in

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Submissions 101: the kneebar

This kind of submission is the one I don't want to receive from my future opponents! I still remember the time when I experienced kneebar. It was 8 years ago when I had a Judo fight and a Gokyu (5th class)belt promotion at the same. I lost the fight due to the kneebar and the worst part, my left knee popped so I tap out immediately due to the F*CKING severe pain. You can see this kind of submission MMA fights, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and United States Marine Corps martial arts program

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas everyone! My dad and relatives in Pinas. My friends,buddies, pati na din yung mga may sama ng loob sakin kung meron man hehe at higit sa lahat sa special someone ko(you know who you are) God bless everyone =D

Saturday, December 20, 2008

To my kabayan Phillipe!

He did his best on his fight last Saturday! Kahit na talo ka your still a winner for the Pinoys! You show how proud you are being a Pinoy! I believe you will become a UFC Lightweight champ soon and I hope makasparring kita someday to learn more about MMA! =D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Ultimate Fighter FINALE main event- Pinoy laban sa Mehikano!

Its Pinoy vs. Mexican once again but this time its MMA and for the 6-figure contract in UFC. Its on Saturday(Sunday Manila time) for the Ultimate fighter finale lightweight final bout. He's opponent is a Mexican-American Efrain Escudero. They are good friends in the season and on the same team (Team Nogueira). Let's hope our kababayan and a good friend of mine will win tonight!

Name: Phillipe Nover
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight: 155 (70 kg)
Record: 6-0-1
Phillipe Nover
"The Filipino Assassin"

Name: Efrain Escudero
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight: 155 (70 kg)
Record: 11-0-0
Efrain Escudero
"Hecho en México

Brandon Vera Cage Fighter MMA shirt

Finally I received this shirt last Friday. I won this shirt for almost 3 months(Sep. 19) but I had a hard time to pay due to some problems in paypal. When I received this, I took a pic immediately haha. Ang ganda ng tela niya and it really shows the Pinoy style because of the sun and the Flag in front XD

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Another IMPRESSIVE win by Pacman against The Golden boy! madaming nagsabi na si De La Hoya ang mananalo sa laban pero pinatunayan ni Manny na siya talaga ang pound-for-pound boxer ngayon. Fight advantage, reach and experience goes for the golden boy but speed,agility and power left punch of pacman prevails. When I saw the first 3 rounds, I can say that Manny dominated the fight. Then after round 8 the Golden boy doen't want to fight anymore(parang I QUIT match sa WWE lol). It reminds me of the 2nd episode of UFC's the ultimate fighter 8 when 2 fighters fought in round 1, the 1 fighter doesn't want to continue to round 2 which is kinda shocking for a fighter. Because you surrender in the middle of the fight! I can see in Pacman's eyes that he wants to fight Ricky Hatton!

Dream Match- Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya

Mamaya na to and of course, I will support Manny. Madaming nagsasabi na malaki chance ni Golden Boy. Kung experience ang paguusapan oo si Golden boy. Pero kung ang paguusapan speed,agility,stamina at Puso, Manny has a advantage! So mga Pinoy, lets pray that Manny will win against Golden boy!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


All I can say is "I'M SO HAPPY" because I talked to the girl of my dreams and yeah, she's the one that I mentioned in my previous post. My good friend of mine told me that she's online in facebook so in less than a second I messaged her by saying hi, then she replied immediately! WEEEE kaya ngayon ang ngiti ko hanggang tenga! haha and she told me that she gave me a gift(na surprise na friend ko na ipapadala niya sakin) with a message pero di ko pa siya natatanggap. But chatting with her gave me energy,more motivation on to make my dreams/goals come true, nawala ang stress ko ng 110% at narefresh ang utak ko! I told her that I will call her on xmas and on her birthday and I told her that "she's my dream girl" before she signed off(kelangan panghuli) and I hope maniwala siya kasi nagsasabi TALAGA AKO NG TOTOO! hehe. Too bad I can't say it on her front eye to eye, pero mas ok na yung gumawa ako ng way kesa tumanga diba? I'm just hoping na maganda ang ending =D

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mga bagay na hindi alam ng mga nakakakilala tungkol sakin

Siyempre napakarami nun. Eh wala akong magawa dito ngayon kaya ipopost ko na lang =D

- I used to be a swimmer during my elementary days. Because of swimming, nawala hika ko =)
- I used to be a drummer during 3rd grade until 1st year high school
- Adik sa dance dance revolution hanggang ngayon! =D
-Judo trainee until senior year in high school (injury- left knee)
- Injured my left knee(again) during a basketball game in my senior year
- Adik sa wall climbing
- Started to train Muay thai on 2006
- Comedian of the class during college days dahil ginagaya ko boses ni doraemon, nobita, shizuka(pati babae eh noh? haha), suneo at damulag!
- Gimikero pagkagraduate nang college(from makati to the fort)hehe
- Singer sa choir bago gumraduate nang college
- Missing someone(if she only know that) hahaha

Wounded bastard part 2!

So may part 2 pa? OO haha. Eto yung itsura ko pagkatapos ng brutal na training kinabukasan. A wounded face, a cauliflower ear at nahiya pa ng kutsilyo! YEBAH hehe =D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

UFC 91 results

The main event fight(Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar) is a great one but a shocking ending. During the 1st round, I believe Randy won the 1st round. But on the 2nd round, Brock luckily hit Randy's head and Randy is knockdown and Brock finished the fight via TKO. So Brock Lesnar is the new UFC heavyweight champion. I'm surprised on the fight. Well, congratulations to Brock Lesnar and even he just won the title, I didn't regret that I picked Randy Couture to retain the title even if he loose on the octagon tonight. During the fight, Randy looks like a Light Heavyweight due to his body size compare to Brock Lesnar.So I may watch UFC 92 The Ultimate 2008 for the UFC interim heavyweight championship match between the champ Antonio "Minotauro" Nogueira and Frank Mir, Light Heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin against Maurice Evans and the part 3 of the Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage Jackson 3! The winner of the UFC interim heavyweight championship match is going to face Brock Lesnar for the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship and my bet is for Minotauro so he will fight against Brock! While Im watching the first few fights, ang bilis natapos ng mga ibang laban dahil kung hindi KO ang resulta, submission naman and there is a guy named Josh Kendrick who used a BOYBAND SONG as his entourage song! Nakakatawa sobra hahaha! Tipong mapapasayaw ka hahaha! at nung laban na, mukha siyang bangag o wala sa sarili at ayun, na KO siya hahaha!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chatting with Philippe Nover

Few minutes ago, I saw Phillipe Nover (The Ultimate fighter contestant) online on facebook. So I grabbed the chance to talk to him and he was so nice!

chi- salamat sa add Phillipe =D

Phillipe- no prob brother

chi- I hope you win the TUF and be the future lightweight champ. I know you can do it dude

Phillipe- That would be nice

chi- just wanna ask, can you speak tagalog? coz the balut thing is wonderful when you introduced it to the TUF fighters and because of you, I become more motivated to train MMA

Phillipe- Im glad I motivate you. I speak a little, Con Tee lang

chi- wow, at least you know our language! hehe

Phillipe- I cant spell it tough lol

hehe at least you can say it and proud to be pinoy when you win the TUF and you visit Philippines, Im sure your a superstar there!

Phillipe- Im going Jan 5th, see my fam. WE'll see if I get recognized.

Chi- wow! thats cool! oh that's for sure!

Phillipe- Take care bro. Time for bed for me.


take care too

yeah me too

i have some training this coming afternoon

and after that i will watch ufc 91

Phillipe- Watch Dec 3rd its a good episode!


ok dude!

i will watch it!

stay stay bro and stay humble.

- Astig talaga ni Phillipe! Alang kahangin hangin, I hope he's going to be the future UFC Lightweight champ. He's a younger version of GSP and Anderson Silva at the same time according to Dana White! I just hope he will stay humble and nice to everyone! Be proud to be Pinoy Phillipe and good luck on UFC!!!

UFC 91 preview

Another promo for the Pay per view tonight

Holy shit! This guy is for real - Dana White on Brock Lesnar

This is my comment- Brock Lesnar is fast like a Lightweight, a great wrestler but his weakness is defense on the submissions(just what happened on his fight against Frank Mir). For me, he needs to learn more Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Brock Has a great striking attacks but he needs learn more Jiu Jitsu skills to become a complete fighter

Randy Couture- He can expose his opponent's weaknesses just what he did against Tito Ortiz, Chuck Lidell and Tim Sylvia. The problem now is he may have some ring rust after a long hiatus, his size against Brock(265lbs). Well Im just so excited to watch this fight tonight and watch this 2 fighters fight inside the octagon

Wounded bastard! haha

Earlier while im in the work, I threw some broken bumper on the dump. Yung nga lang sumabit sa barbwire tapos bumalik sakin yung bumper kaya nagkagalos ako sa left cheek ko! Im fine and when my co-workers asked me if im fine, I smiled and said " yeah im fine, this is nothing compare to the bruises I got on my MMA training" hehe ang aral? Sisihin ang bumper! lolz XD

UFC 91: Couture vs. Lesnar

This is it! There is NO WAY I will not watch this PPV. This could be the best fight of the century. After more than a year of hiatus, current UFC Heavyweight Champ Randy Couture will return to octgaon tomorrow to defend his Championship against the former WWE superstar and 2000 NCAA wrestling champion Brock Lesnar. I watched the weigh in earlier. Lesnar's weight is 265 lbs and 220 lbs for Couture. Lesnar's weight could be a plus for him but Couture's experience can be the key on his victory against the 265 pund monster. Supposed to be, the ultimate fighter winner Amir Sadollah will fight tomorrow but he withdrew due to a leg injury. Sayang talaga, kasi nakita ko lumaban si Amir and I trained on his gym few weeks ago. So I guess he needs to rest for awhile. My bet for the UFC heavyweight championship? RANDY COUTURE!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

W-Gundam Zero custom

Since I was a freshman in HS. I want to have this toy. After so many year! FINALLY
Di naman siya ganong kahirap i-assemble. Medyo nahirapan lang ako idikit yung mga stickers. Now I have my own W-Gundam Zero custom, I will collect Gundams(again)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tamang trip sa halloween/birthday

Ala lang to! Trip ko lang gumawa ng kawirdohan! hehe

What happened on my birthday?!?!?!

Nagsimula ang lahat nang ako ay magising sa aking pagtulog(malamang)! My mom greeted me a happy birthday then I woke up and I took a shower, ate breakfast then went to my work. Then one of my co-workers greeted me also and almost all of them greeted me. After work, nagtrip lang ako dito sa bahay na magcosplay ng mummy na MMA fighter(I'll show the pics on the next blog post). My mom hepled me just to make me happy haha! then after that I took a shower again then we went to Cheescake factory for a dinner! After dinner(pinabalot namin yung dinner namin kasi andaming natira, kesa naman itapon yung food eh sayang which is I don't like) so when my mom told the waitress(na kilala niya) that its my birthday! After a minute she gave me a small cake with candle and she and her other co-workers greeted me a happy birthday at kinantahan ako! haha! So I was shocked and happy at the same time! Once again thanks for all the people I know who greeted me on my birthday! So here are the pics

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks everyone

For those who greeted me on my birthday! Thank you so much! I will post the pics soon including my halloween costume tripping(pero di ako nag trick-or-treat ha! hehe) Thanks again guys! see you soon

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Birthday

Madami na bumati sakin sa birthday ko. Thanks for the greets and to my pips who greeted me and salamat sa mga nakaalala. So here's my birthday song! haha arte noh? The song is boulbi and the singer is booba(a French signer). This song was used by Georges "Rush" St. Pierre on his last fight on UFC 88!

boulbi - booba

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My first official MMA training

Yesterday I went to "combat sports center"(Amir Sadollah's gym) for a training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I arrived at 5:10pm and the training started at 6pm. So I rushed to the mens locker room to changed clothes and after I changed clothes we did a jogging around the floor. Then after that each fighter chose a partner for warm up grappling. Dun pa lang nagkaproblema nako dahil ala akong kapareho ng weight(155 lbs- lightweight). The fighters are either below my weight and above my weight. So my partner is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belter(PATAY!). So we did some basic submissions like "anaconda choke" and "guillotine choke". The coaches said I need to put more pressure when I will do the submissions kasi madali daw akong i-counter haha. But somehow pinuri ako ng mga coaches. Sabi nila mahirap daw akong isubmit dahil madulas daw katawan ako at malikot pag sinusubmit (hahaha) and they said that I have good cardio so it took more seconds before I tapout. Too bad cameras are not allowed so I don't have a pics. But these videos are some of the moves I learned yesterday.




My favorite choke is the Guillotine choke because its easier choke than all of the chokes I learned yesterday

Saturday, October 25, 2008

UFC 90 results

1st match: Sean Sherk won via unanimous decision against Tyson Griffin
- This match pumped the crowd because the 2 fighters are showing big heart and hungry for win. When Sherk is submitting(rear naked choke) Griffin. Griffin stand up and went to his corner and talked to Randy Couture for instructions lol

2nd match: Fabricio Werdum loss against Junior De Santos via KO
- When Fabricio is going to punch Junior, Fabricio's missed right hook is his biggest mistake because he has no defence for his face so Junior punched(uppercut) Fabricio's face then BOOM! KTFO! Fabricio is bleeding

3rd match: Gray Maynard beats Rich Clementi via unanimous decision
- This fight is kinda boring because it became a wrestling match

4th match: Thiago Alves won via Unanimous decision against Josh Kosheck
- Thiago show his brutal moves against Josh and after the fight the 2 showed respect to each other

Main Event: Anderson Silva won via TKO against Patrick Cote
- At the start of the round. Silva is doing the Bruce Lee style by reading Patrick's moves. Silva hit Cote a lot and Cote also but in the 3rd round, while Cote is going to do his move, he tore his Right ACL and the referee stopped the fight. Cote wants to continue the fight and Silva is not happy on his win because of a sad ending. Cote deserves a 2nd shot. Now what's next for Silva? Bisping? NICE!

UFC 90: Silva vs. Cote

This is the one of the last 6 fights of Anderson Silva because after 6 fights, his going to retire. Honestly I don't have much information about Patrick Cote but I'll bet that "The Spider" will win against Cote. I just hope Silva will remain the best pound for pund fighter in MMA and I hope that his last fight in UFC is another title match in UFC(Lightheawvyweight Champ) then the 2 titles will be vacant when SIlva retires

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The truth hurts

Right now Im watching UFC 89 and Im so sad because Brandon Vera loss againt Keith Jardine. Vera looked in shape but during the fight, I didn't see the old Brandon Vera who is agressive and loves to ground and pound. I was shocked when he moved down to Light Heavyweight. I think he should go back to heavyweight because the Light Heavyweight is too crowded by MMA fighters who are hungry for the Light Heavyweight championship like Wanerlei "axe murderer" Silva, the undefeated Lyoto "the dragon" Machida, Rashad Evans, Quinton "rampage" Jackson,Keith "the dean of mean "Jardine and the undefeated Thiago Silva. Unlike in Heavyweight division, most of the fighters are not in UFC, the only fighters who are in top 10 in Heavyweight division are Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira who is the UFC interim Heavyweight Champ(#2 in rank), and Fabricio Werdum( the guy who beat The truth in a controversial win #6 in rank). Even Randy Couture who is the UFC heavyweight champion is not on the top 10 because of the long hiatus. I hope Brandon will return to heavyweight, beat Fabricio,dominate the Heavyweight division will a couple of wins and im sure he will gonna get his #1 contender spot for the Heavyweight title! Win or loose Brandon Vera is my idol and we are proud to be PINOY! =D

UFC 89

I just hope Brandon Vera will win against Keith Jardine! On the weigh-in video, Brandon Vera looks ripped! I just hope The truth will win

Countdown on my BIRTHDAY!

Wow ilang araw na lang birthday ko nanaman at masarap manood ng mga horror movies kasi halloween din hehe! But there's a difference on my upcoming birthday and my previous birthdays. Before,
- I can invite my friends as many as I want
- Drink till drop
-the coffee caramel cake from red ribbon(my birthday cake since 3rd yr hs) AKA majin boo cake(sabi ni jarvik)

- I will celebrate my day in work haha
- no buddies will go in my bday because there is no party for my birthday
- The 1st time I will celebrate my bday here in US

Kung nasa Pinas lang siguro ako mas madami akong maiinvite kaya baka hindi ko icelebrate bday ko sa bahay and I can invite my dreamgirl and dreamdate haha!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thinking of MMA

Last Friday (October 10) I went to a MMA gym (combat sports center) para maginquire ng mga rates nila. The rates are not bad compare to other MMA gym hear because of their higher rates. By the way the combat sports center is the training center of UFC's The Ultimate fighter 7 winner Amir Sadollah! When I got there, there are only few people doing their stuffs and the front desk associate told me that I can have a free 2 trainings. So I tell her that Im interested in Muay Thai(syempre! hehe) and brazilian jiu jitsu to learn some grappling moves. I want to enroll in combat sports but I have to give up my boybuilding workout at my current gym to focus on MMA. Well siguro subukan ko muna yung free 2 trainings then back to bodybuilding and basic Muay thai, kasi ayoko naman maging featherweight haha! I want to be in Welterweight division (156-170 lbs) pero kung di talaga kaya lightweight(146-155 lbs) basta wag lang featerweight basta sana sa Welterweight talaga hehe. Then after I reach the 170 lbs. saka siguro ako magttraining ng Muay thai&brazilian jiu jitsu!

Happy birthday ma!

Yesterday is my mama's birthday! So we ate in Famous Dave's BBQ(yummy!) and we watched "eagle eye" and she liked the movie! weeee =D

Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Celebrants (October 10)

I want to greet happy birthday my cousin Kuya kenneth who is in Japan right now. My friend Reachard and Brandon "THE TRUTH" Vera! I wish you all the best and for Brandon Vera, I hope you KO Keith Jardine on October 18. I hope you'll get a title shot in UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and win and win the UFC Heavyweight championship also! =D

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday I went to L. Douglas Wilder middle school for a tough exam! A qualification test for firefighter! YEAH firefighter haha! It's not because Trip ko lang. Being a firefighter is a hard job but looks like I can be a firefighter. Naalala ko nung bata pa ko, I always said this to my friends and my parents- "gusto ko police, firefighter, or a jet fighter pilot hahaha! I can't imagine myself as a doctor, nurse or anything related to hospital. I can imagine myself with a dangerous job when I grow up. So until now, my dream job is still either of the 3! There are more than a hundred who took a exam and most of them have big bodies(ako lang ata isa sa mga payat haha). The exam is more of reasoning, yung math 6 items nga lang! kala ko pa naman at least 20 pero ok lang. If I pass then great, if not ok lang at least I experienced to take a exam once again.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anime version

I always imagine myself if I am a anime character I watch a lot of anime at kaya ko gayahin ang boses nila doraemon,shizuka,suneo,damulag,nobita, elder toguro,sensui, detective mori at madami pang iba! kaya eto ang itsura ko pag anime ako! kayo na maghusga kung kamukha ko o hindi! hehe

Happy Saturday =D

Last Saturday(September 27 2008-Happy bday to you Jarvik) I bought a new car WEEEEE! At first I don't want to buy it because I want to save more money. Pero kelangan talaga, kaya bumili nako. Nung una, gusto ni ermat rav4, eh ayoko ng automatic kasi di ko feel haha! kaya pinagpilian ko mazda 3 o camry! Camry? kasi nagttrabaho ako sa Repair shop ng Toyota and Mercedes Benz! Why not Benz? Coz I don't have the money hehe! So I chose Camry since I have a discount! so chose my favorite color(blue)

then after I bought my new car, I bought a optimus prime toy(movie version).Tagal ko na kasi gusto magkaroon ng ganon toy! So I bought it

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tiring workout!

Before I used to workout with a short cardio warmup/workout. But since September, I do more cardio workout. Why? because I don't want to have a body like a professional wrestlers. I want to have a body like a MMA fighters. Lean with a average mass. So since September, I do 15 mins of jogging&walking in the treadmill then 10 minutes of biking then 15 minutes of sparring(muay thai). Kasi ayoko naman magmukhang bouncer haha. Kung di lang ganong kamahal magtraining eh Go nako sa BJJ(Brazilian Jiu jitsu) para masaya at kulang na lang eh sumali nako sa UFC's Ultimate Fighter! hahaha lol

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A late congratulations

Actually I congratulated my pretty friends who were in the FHM 100 sexiest women 2008. But I forgot my username and password of my 1st blog(yeah! BAKA). So once again congratulations to Paloma, Precious Adona and Gail Nicolas! I hope next year the three of you will gonna have higher ranks next year!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

WWE is getting worse!

At the end of Unforgiven, I was shocked about what happened. Wala si CM Punk sa scramble match for World Heavyweight Championship and guess who replaced CM Punk? Y2J! WTF?! He got a match against HBK before and he was beaten in a brutal way and then during the scramble match Y2J just standing in outside the ring and looking for a right timing to pin anyone! WTF! In the last 30 seconds of the match, Batista is the current World Heavyweight Champion while Y2J is standing outside. When Rey Mysterio aimed to attack Batista, Y2J got in to the ring and pinned Kane then he becomes the official World Heavyweight Champion. Now im starting to hate WWE. They got a bunch of stupid scriptwriters. What does WWE want to say? That they SUCK!? I mean, its alright if Y2J won as long as he was given a push to become a World Heavyweight Champ. Pero anlabo eh diba? he has a feud with Y2J tapos bigla siyang magiging Champion? Anlabo! Now I can't blame some people who are saying WWE sucks and I can't blame some former professional wrestlers like Borck Lesnar and Bobby Lashley leave WWE and became a MMA fighter. Because in MMA, as long as you give your best and effort, anyone will gonna love you and I can't blame if some big WWE superstar will transfer to UFC. Well, Dave Batista is training Muay Thai, hmmmm is he planning to join UFC or a MMA league? well, who knows and it could be a good move since he could earn more respect like Brock Lesnar! WWE pay per view shows are getting worse! from WWE One night stand 2008,Night of champions 2008, Great American bash and now Unforgiven! the face was always screwed by a heel opportunist! Ayos lang naman kung minsan ganon eh halos lahat ng PPV from June ganon eh

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yesterday morning, I changed my workout program for a change. After a I went out in the locker room. I went to the hall where the punching bag is, remoed my shoed and start to kick the bag light. Yeah, a Muay Thai warmup for 20 mins. I feel better when I punch and kick the punching bag for several minutes before I lift some weights. Ican say also that its a great cardio workout also. Since MMA schools here are too expensive, good thing theres a punching bag in the gym where I working out since I trained some martial arts before. So I just played with the punching bag. I just hope my gym will teach Muay Thai and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the near future with cheaper rates. Kung mangyari man yun sa lalong madaling panahon, di ako magdadalawang isip na magaral ng Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Well, some of the readers of my blog is thinking, "is Chi planning to join MMA" Well, NO! I just have a passion in martial arts so I can build a Dojo in the future(kung suswertehin)

UFC 88: Breakthrough results

I wasn't able to watch all of the fights of UFC 88: breakthrough because of some technical problems. The PPV was nice although its not as good as I expected


Welterweight bout: Matt Brown vs. Dong Hyun Kim
- Kim defeats Brown by split decision (29-28,28-29,2928)
comments: I didn't saw the fight because of technical problems. Well congratulations to kim anyways.

Middleweight bout: Nate Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann
-Marquardt defeats Kampmann via TKO at 1:22 of round 1
comments: A great fight even if I didn't saw the whole fight due to technical problems(AGAIN). after a couple of seconds I saw the results and Nate won. When I saw the replay, Kampmann was owned by Marquardt.

Middleweight bout: Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares
- Henderson defeats Palhares by unanimous decision
comments: Henderson brought his A game against Palhares. He almost got the TKO win against Palhares in the last 5 seconds of round 3! Great fight

Light Heavyweight bout: Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill
-Franklin defeats Hamill by TKO at 0:39 of round 3
comments: This 2 guys are great fighters. Both guys from Ohio are also good buddies. The fight was paused when Franklin had a cut on his eyelid then after the fight Franklin owned his buddy! Great fight

Light Heavyweight bout: Rashad Evans vs. Chuck Lidell
- Evans won via KO at 1:51 of round 2
comments: Well, too bad for Lidell, he have to wait longer for his title shot. Evans has a lot of patience on the fight and very calm as a fighter but all he do in the 1st round was ran ran and ran. After Lidell missed a right uppercut,Evans countered a strong right hook punch and Lidell was KO unconcious for 2 minutes. After the match Dana White congratulated Evans(well, OBVIOUSLY Dana is not happy! haha) and Evans wife came and gave Evans a hug. The crowd was divided into half, the one side is cheering for Evans and the other side is booing Evans. After the match Lidell was in tears and was overhead saying he was going to "Hang it up".

- Now whats next for Lidell? Maybe a match between one of a top 10 fighters in Light Heavyweight division! Forrest Griffin the Light Heavyweight champ? probably soon but not Lidell's next opponent. Quinton Jackson? Maybe if Jackson fixed his several problems. Lyoto Machida? Malamang di papayag si Dana White na mangyari to! hehe. Wanderlei Silva? good match! Keith Jardine? NAH! Brandon Vera? hmmm ewan ko lang.

- Whats next for Evans? Title match against Forrest Griffin? Pwede! Lyoto Machida? It could be a boring match because Lyoto and Rashad are counter fighters.

Now I can't wait for UFC 89 because Brandon "the truth" Vera has a fight!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Muscle and fitness September 2008 issue

This issue is one of the best issues of Muscle&fitness because of "the animal" Dave Batista! He shares his workout program and his past life. It also features the programs to have a big&greater arms. So buy it now =D

UFC 88: Breaktrough

A great PPV to be held by UFC on September 6 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia. The main event match will be headlined by Chuck "the iceman" Lidell and Rashad "Evans.
Chuck was supposed to return in UFC 85:Bedlam in UK against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua but forced to withdraw due to a hamstring injury. Chuck's last fight was against Wanderlei "axe murderer" Silva on UFC 79: Nemesis and Chuck won via unanimous decision. Rashad Evans is a undefeated Mixed martial arts fighter with a record of 13-0-1. His last fight was against Michael Bisping via split decision on UFC 78- Validation. If Chuck Lidell wins the fight on Saturday, He wants a title shot against Forrest Griffin in the future. You can watch UFC 88 LIVE AND FREE on

Belated happy birthday Jeff Hardy!

Belated happy birthday Jeff! This guy is great! I'm a Jeff Hardy fan since 1994! When the 1st time I watched him on tv I said "this dude is the future of WWE". Since I idolize him, when I am in the pool, I always do the Swanton bomb(jeff's finishing move) hehe and when I'm on the beach. I will go to the top of the boat then do the swanton bomb. I actually did it when I went to boracay on summer 2006 because thats the 1st time I went to Bora. Since I love beach, I tried something weird by doing the swanton bomb! haha well, belated happy birthday Jeff and I hope you'll be a WWE champ soon!

Blog rebirth

Well, i forgot my username and password of my 1st blog so I created another blog! haha