Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dream.10: Welter Weight Grand Prix 2009 Final Round

I enjoyed this MMA ppv in Japan even though it started at 3AM EST (3PM Japan Time) but I fell asleep after 2 hours. All I want to watch was the fight between one of my favorite Brazilian Jiu jitsu practitioner Shinya Aoki against Vitor Ribeiro. Shinya improved his striking ability by giving several kicks against Vitor. The only time they went to ground fight was on the last 2 minutes of the 2nd round. Shinya pulled rubber guard and gave Vitor a hard time to use his Brazilian Jiu jitsu game against Shinya.In the end Shinya won via unanimous decision. In the welterweight grand prix, Marius Zaromskis from Lithunia cosplayed Akuma from street fighter for the 2nd time and he defeated Hayato Sakurai in the semi final round via KO and beat Jason high via KO in the final round.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

UFC 100

UFC made history by having a greatest ppv event. The UFC 100 have a lot of great fights. Now lets start on the first match

Yoshihiro Akiyama def. Alan Belcher via split decision

-The 2 guys have a lot of respect with each other. Aki used his entourage song(time to say goodbye)and a lot of people are shocked. Well US MMA fans are not used in calm songs as a entourage songs unlike in Asian countries especially. Aki used that song on K1-Heroes and Dream. The first round was great. Aki threw some good punches and high kicks then he was knocked down by Alan and the game went to grappling match. After 3 rounds, Aki won via controversial split decision. For me it wasn't controversial. I believe Aki won 1st and 2nd round! Nice win look alike lol! XD

Dan Henderson def. Mike Bisping via KO(3:20 of round 2)
- I like this fight as well. During the TUF 9, Bisping talked a lot of crap on Hendo and talked a lot of crap and talked a lot of crap. When Hendo Knocked out Bisping, Bisping was Knockout cold and he don't know what happened next! Bad karma to you cocky crap!!!

Georges St. Pierre def. Thiago Alves via unanimous decision
- GSP's atama gi rocks! haha. GSP said that his fight against Thiago is his toughest challenge. GSP dominated the whole 5 rounds. Sick Takedowns then side control and go for ground and pound. That's what GSP did the whole time. After the 4th round. GSP got injured(groin) but managed to finish the fight and still the UFC welterweight champion.

Brock Lesnar def. Frank Mir via TKO(1:48 of round 2)
- Actually I don't like this two but as we all know after Brock beat Frank, Brock acted like a douche bag and acted like a WWE superstar. Brock Lesnar flipped off an aggressive crowd of people who had been booing the decision He made a disparaging comment about the PPV's primary sponsor Bud Light, claiming they "won't pay me nothin'" (sic), promoting Coors Light instead. He then implied he would have sex with his wife after the show. He would later apologize for his actions in his post-fight press conference, where he held a bottle of Bud Light. For me, he will always be a CHUMP! He's not a martial artist. Its better for him to go back to WWE. I just hope Shane Carwin will knock him out cold or he'll be submitted and KO cold by fedor. I hope Fedor will sign in UFC someday.

Jon Fitch def. Paulo Thiago via unanimous decision
- I was probably shocked that this fight is the last fight on UFC 100. People probably didn't care to watch the fight but I still watched the fight. Fitch showed improvements on his game and he wants to fight GSP soon.