Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks everyone

For those who greeted me on my birthday! Thank you so much! I will post the pics soon including my halloween costume tripping(pero di ako nag trick-or-treat ha! hehe) Thanks again guys! see you soon

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Birthday

Madami na bumati sakin sa birthday ko. Thanks for the greets and to my pips who greeted me and salamat sa mga nakaalala. So here's my birthday song! haha arte noh? The song is boulbi and the singer is booba(a French signer). This song was used by Georges "Rush" St. Pierre on his last fight on UFC 88!

boulbi - booba

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My first official MMA training

Yesterday I went to "combat sports center"(Amir Sadollah's gym) for a training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I arrived at 5:10pm and the training started at 6pm. So I rushed to the mens locker room to changed clothes and after I changed clothes we did a jogging around the floor. Then after that each fighter chose a partner for warm up grappling. Dun pa lang nagkaproblema nako dahil ala akong kapareho ng weight(155 lbs- lightweight). The fighters are either below my weight and above my weight. So my partner is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belter(PATAY!). So we did some basic submissions like "anaconda choke" and "guillotine choke". The coaches said I need to put more pressure when I will do the submissions kasi madali daw akong i-counter haha. But somehow pinuri ako ng mga coaches. Sabi nila mahirap daw akong isubmit dahil madulas daw katawan ako at malikot pag sinusubmit (hahaha) and they said that I have good cardio so it took more seconds before I tapout. Too bad cameras are not allowed so I don't have a pics. But these videos are some of the moves I learned yesterday.




My favorite choke is the Guillotine choke because its easier choke than all of the chokes I learned yesterday

Saturday, October 25, 2008

UFC 90 results

1st match: Sean Sherk won via unanimous decision against Tyson Griffin
- This match pumped the crowd because the 2 fighters are showing big heart and hungry for win. When Sherk is submitting(rear naked choke) Griffin. Griffin stand up and went to his corner and talked to Randy Couture for instructions lol

2nd match: Fabricio Werdum loss against Junior De Santos via KO
- When Fabricio is going to punch Junior, Fabricio's missed right hook is his biggest mistake because he has no defence for his face so Junior punched(uppercut) Fabricio's face then BOOM! KTFO! Fabricio is bleeding

3rd match: Gray Maynard beats Rich Clementi via unanimous decision
- This fight is kinda boring because it became a wrestling match

4th match: Thiago Alves won via Unanimous decision against Josh Kosheck
- Thiago show his brutal moves against Josh and after the fight the 2 showed respect to each other

Main Event: Anderson Silva won via TKO against Patrick Cote
- At the start of the round. Silva is doing the Bruce Lee style by reading Patrick's moves. Silva hit Cote a lot and Cote also but in the 3rd round, while Cote is going to do his move, he tore his Right ACL and the referee stopped the fight. Cote wants to continue the fight and Silva is not happy on his win because of a sad ending. Cote deserves a 2nd shot. Now what's next for Silva? Bisping? NICE!

UFC 90: Silva vs. Cote

This is the one of the last 6 fights of Anderson Silva because after 6 fights, his going to retire. Honestly I don't have much information about Patrick Cote but I'll bet that "The Spider" will win against Cote. I just hope Silva will remain the best pound for pund fighter in MMA and I hope that his last fight in UFC is another title match in UFC(Lightheawvyweight Champ) then the 2 titles will be vacant when SIlva retires

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The truth hurts

Right now Im watching UFC 89 and Im so sad because Brandon Vera loss againt Keith Jardine. Vera looked in shape but during the fight, I didn't see the old Brandon Vera who is agressive and loves to ground and pound. I was shocked when he moved down to Light Heavyweight. I think he should go back to heavyweight because the Light Heavyweight is too crowded by MMA fighters who are hungry for the Light Heavyweight championship like Wanerlei "axe murderer" Silva, the undefeated Lyoto "the dragon" Machida, Rashad Evans, Quinton "rampage" Jackson,Keith "the dean of mean "Jardine and the undefeated Thiago Silva. Unlike in Heavyweight division, most of the fighters are not in UFC, the only fighters who are in top 10 in Heavyweight division are Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira who is the UFC interim Heavyweight Champ(#2 in rank), and Fabricio Werdum( the guy who beat The truth in a controversial win #6 in rank). Even Randy Couture who is the UFC heavyweight champion is not on the top 10 because of the long hiatus. I hope Brandon will return to heavyweight, beat Fabricio,dominate the Heavyweight division will a couple of wins and im sure he will gonna get his #1 contender spot for the Heavyweight title! Win or loose Brandon Vera is my idol and we are proud to be PINOY! =D

UFC 89

I just hope Brandon Vera will win against Keith Jardine! On the weigh-in video, Brandon Vera looks ripped! I just hope The truth will win

Countdown on my BIRTHDAY!

Wow ilang araw na lang birthday ko nanaman at masarap manood ng mga horror movies kasi halloween din hehe! But there's a difference on my upcoming birthday and my previous birthdays. Before,
- I can invite my friends as many as I want
- Drink till drop
-the coffee caramel cake from red ribbon(my birthday cake since 3rd yr hs) AKA majin boo cake(sabi ni jarvik)

- I will celebrate my day in work haha
- no buddies will go in my bday because there is no party for my birthday
- The 1st time I will celebrate my bday here in US

Kung nasa Pinas lang siguro ako mas madami akong maiinvite kaya baka hindi ko icelebrate bday ko sa bahay and I can invite my dreamgirl and dreamdate haha!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thinking of MMA

Last Friday (October 10) I went to a MMA gym (combat sports center) para maginquire ng mga rates nila. The rates are not bad compare to other MMA gym hear because of their higher rates. By the way the combat sports center is the training center of UFC's The Ultimate fighter 7 winner Amir Sadollah! When I got there, there are only few people doing their stuffs and the front desk associate told me that I can have a free 2 trainings. So I tell her that Im interested in Muay Thai(syempre! hehe) and brazilian jiu jitsu to learn some grappling moves. I want to enroll in combat sports but I have to give up my boybuilding workout at my current gym to focus on MMA. Well siguro subukan ko muna yung free 2 trainings then back to bodybuilding and basic Muay thai, kasi ayoko naman maging featherweight haha! I want to be in Welterweight division (156-170 lbs) pero kung di talaga kaya lightweight(146-155 lbs) basta wag lang featerweight basta sana sa Welterweight talaga hehe. Then after I reach the 170 lbs. saka siguro ako magttraining ng Muay thai&brazilian jiu jitsu!

Happy birthday ma!

Yesterday is my mama's birthday! So we ate in Famous Dave's BBQ(yummy!) and we watched "eagle eye" and she liked the movie! weeee =D

Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Celebrants (October 10)

I want to greet happy birthday my cousin Kuya kenneth who is in Japan right now. My friend Reachard and Brandon "THE TRUTH" Vera! I wish you all the best and for Brandon Vera, I hope you KO Keith Jardine on October 18. I hope you'll get a title shot in UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and win and win the UFC Heavyweight championship also! =D

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday I went to L. Douglas Wilder middle school for a tough exam! A qualification test for firefighter! YEAH firefighter haha! It's not because Trip ko lang. Being a firefighter is a hard job but looks like I can be a firefighter. Naalala ko nung bata pa ko, I always said this to my friends and my parents- "gusto ko police, firefighter, or a jet fighter pilot hahaha! I can't imagine myself as a doctor, nurse or anything related to hospital. I can imagine myself with a dangerous job when I grow up. So until now, my dream job is still either of the 3! There are more than a hundred who took a exam and most of them have big bodies(ako lang ata isa sa mga payat haha). The exam is more of reasoning, yung math 6 items nga lang! kala ko pa naman at least 20 pero ok lang. If I pass then great, if not ok lang at least I experienced to take a exam once again.