Saturday, August 29, 2009

Winner in bidding........ NO!!!!

I'm so pissed earlier today for loosing in a bidding of an item(Koral Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition white gi) in ebay. Here's the url of the item

2 days ago it started at 0.99 cents so I keep an eye for the item. Then earlier the last bid was $106. So I just waited for the last 10 seconds to bid. In the last 5 seconds, I placed my bid for $107. So I thought I win because the regular price of the gi in the market is $175. When the bidding is finished, I didn't win! WHAT THE? Another bidder in ebay won the gi at the price of $109.50!!! Damn its so cheap for a high quality gi! Well, better luck next time for me :(