Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anime version

I always imagine myself if I am a anime character I watch a lot of anime at kaya ko gayahin ang boses nila doraemon,shizuka,suneo,damulag,nobita, elder toguro,sensui, detective mori at madami pang iba! kaya eto ang itsura ko pag anime ako! kayo na maghusga kung kamukha ko o hindi! hehe

Happy Saturday =D

Last Saturday(September 27 2008-Happy bday to you Jarvik) I bought a new car WEEEEE! At first I don't want to buy it because I want to save more money. Pero kelangan talaga, kaya bumili nako. Nung una, gusto ni ermat rav4, eh ayoko ng automatic kasi di ko feel haha! kaya pinagpilian ko mazda 3 o camry! Camry? kasi nagttrabaho ako sa Repair shop ng Toyota and Mercedes Benz! Why not Benz? Coz I don't have the money hehe! So I chose Camry since I have a discount! so chose my favorite color(blue)

then after I bought my new car, I bought a optimus prime toy(movie version).Tagal ko na kasi gusto magkaroon ng ganon toy! So I bought it

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tiring workout!

Before I used to workout with a short cardio warmup/workout. But since September, I do more cardio workout. Why? because I don't want to have a body like a professional wrestlers. I want to have a body like a MMA fighters. Lean with a average mass. So since September, I do 15 mins of jogging&walking in the treadmill then 10 minutes of biking then 15 minutes of sparring(muay thai). Kasi ayoko naman magmukhang bouncer haha. Kung di lang ganong kamahal magtraining eh Go nako sa BJJ(Brazilian Jiu jitsu) para masaya at kulang na lang eh sumali nako sa UFC's Ultimate Fighter! hahaha lol

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A late congratulations

Actually I congratulated my pretty friends who were in the FHM 100 sexiest women 2008. But I forgot my username and password of my 1st blog(yeah! BAKA). So once again congratulations to Paloma, Precious Adona and Gail Nicolas! I hope next year the three of you will gonna have higher ranks next year!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

WWE is getting worse!

At the end of Unforgiven, I was shocked about what happened. Wala si CM Punk sa scramble match for World Heavyweight Championship and guess who replaced CM Punk? Y2J! WTF?! He got a match against HBK before and he was beaten in a brutal way and then during the scramble match Y2J just standing in outside the ring and looking for a right timing to pin anyone! WTF! In the last 30 seconds of the match, Batista is the current World Heavyweight Champion while Y2J is standing outside. When Rey Mysterio aimed to attack Batista, Y2J got in to the ring and pinned Kane then he becomes the official World Heavyweight Champion. Now im starting to hate WWE. They got a bunch of stupid scriptwriters. What does WWE want to say? That they SUCK!? I mean, its alright if Y2J won as long as he was given a push to become a World Heavyweight Champ. Pero anlabo eh diba? he has a feud with Y2J tapos bigla siyang magiging Champion? Anlabo! Now I can't blame some people who are saying WWE sucks and I can't blame some former professional wrestlers like Borck Lesnar and Bobby Lashley leave WWE and became a MMA fighter. Because in MMA, as long as you give your best and effort, anyone will gonna love you and I can't blame if some big WWE superstar will transfer to UFC. Well, Dave Batista is training Muay Thai, hmmmm is he planning to join UFC or a MMA league? well, who knows and it could be a good move since he could earn more respect like Brock Lesnar! WWE pay per view shows are getting worse! from WWE One night stand 2008,Night of champions 2008, Great American bash and now Unforgiven! the face was always screwed by a heel opportunist! Ayos lang naman kung minsan ganon eh halos lahat ng PPV from June ganon eh

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yesterday morning, I changed my workout program for a change. After a I went out in the locker room. I went to the hall where the punching bag is, remoed my shoed and start to kick the bag light. Yeah, a Muay Thai warmup for 20 mins. I feel better when I punch and kick the punching bag for several minutes before I lift some weights. Ican say also that its a great cardio workout also. Since MMA schools here are too expensive, good thing theres a punching bag in the gym where I working out since I trained some martial arts before. So I just played with the punching bag. I just hope my gym will teach Muay Thai and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the near future with cheaper rates. Kung mangyari man yun sa lalong madaling panahon, di ako magdadalawang isip na magaral ng Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Well, some of the readers of my blog is thinking, "is Chi planning to join MMA" Well, NO! I just have a passion in martial arts so I can build a Dojo in the future(kung suswertehin)

UFC 88: Breakthrough results

I wasn't able to watch all of the fights of UFC 88: breakthrough because of some technical problems. The PPV was nice although its not as good as I expected


Welterweight bout: Matt Brown vs. Dong Hyun Kim
- Kim defeats Brown by split decision (29-28,28-29,2928)
comments: I didn't saw the fight because of technical problems. Well congratulations to kim anyways.

Middleweight bout: Nate Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann
-Marquardt defeats Kampmann via TKO at 1:22 of round 1
comments: A great fight even if I didn't saw the whole fight due to technical problems(AGAIN). after a couple of seconds I saw the results and Nate won. When I saw the replay, Kampmann was owned by Marquardt.

Middleweight bout: Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares
- Henderson defeats Palhares by unanimous decision
comments: Henderson brought his A game against Palhares. He almost got the TKO win against Palhares in the last 5 seconds of round 3! Great fight

Light Heavyweight bout: Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill
-Franklin defeats Hamill by TKO at 0:39 of round 3
comments: This 2 guys are great fighters. Both guys from Ohio are also good buddies. The fight was paused when Franklin had a cut on his eyelid then after the fight Franklin owned his buddy! Great fight

Light Heavyweight bout: Rashad Evans vs. Chuck Lidell
- Evans won via KO at 1:51 of round 2
comments: Well, too bad for Lidell, he have to wait longer for his title shot. Evans has a lot of patience on the fight and very calm as a fighter but all he do in the 1st round was ran ran and ran. After Lidell missed a right uppercut,Evans countered a strong right hook punch and Lidell was KO unconcious for 2 minutes. After the match Dana White congratulated Evans(well, OBVIOUSLY Dana is not happy! haha) and Evans wife came and gave Evans a hug. The crowd was divided into half, the one side is cheering for Evans and the other side is booing Evans. After the match Lidell was in tears and was overhead saying he was going to "Hang it up".

- Now whats next for Lidell? Maybe a match between one of a top 10 fighters in Light Heavyweight division! Forrest Griffin the Light Heavyweight champ? probably soon but not Lidell's next opponent. Quinton Jackson? Maybe if Jackson fixed his several problems. Lyoto Machida? Malamang di papayag si Dana White na mangyari to! hehe. Wanderlei Silva? good match! Keith Jardine? NAH! Brandon Vera? hmmm ewan ko lang.

- Whats next for Evans? Title match against Forrest Griffin? Pwede! Lyoto Machida? It could be a boring match because Lyoto and Rashad are counter fighters.

Now I can't wait for UFC 89 because Brandon "the truth" Vera has a fight!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Muscle and fitness September 2008 issue

This issue is one of the best issues of Muscle&fitness because of "the animal" Dave Batista! He shares his workout program and his past life. It also features the programs to have a big&greater arms. So buy it now =D

UFC 88: Breaktrough

A great PPV to be held by UFC on September 6 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia. The main event match will be headlined by Chuck "the iceman" Lidell and Rashad "Evans.
Chuck was supposed to return in UFC 85:Bedlam in UK against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua but forced to withdraw due to a hamstring injury. Chuck's last fight was against Wanderlei "axe murderer" Silva on UFC 79: Nemesis and Chuck won via unanimous decision. Rashad Evans is a undefeated Mixed martial arts fighter with a record of 13-0-1. His last fight was against Michael Bisping via split decision on UFC 78- Validation. If Chuck Lidell wins the fight on Saturday, He wants a title shot against Forrest Griffin in the future. You can watch UFC 88 LIVE AND FREE on justin.tv

Belated happy birthday Jeff Hardy!

Belated happy birthday Jeff! This guy is great! I'm a Jeff Hardy fan since 1994! When the 1st time I watched him on tv I said "this dude is the future of WWE". Since I idolize him, when I am in the pool, I always do the Swanton bomb(jeff's finishing move) hehe and when I'm on the beach. I will go to the top of the boat then do the swanton bomb. I actually did it when I went to boracay on summer 2006 because thats the 1st time I went to Bora. Since I love beach, I tried something weird by doing the swanton bomb! haha well, belated happy birthday Jeff and I hope you'll be a WWE champ soon!

Blog rebirth

Well, i forgot my username and password of my 1st blog so I created another blog! haha